To launch TNT's ‘Mob City’ we made them
the first show to be adapted onto Twitter.

To get people to tune into the premiere of Mob City, we needed their story to break through.
So for the 3 days leading up to its premiere we shared every word of the pilot episode script, 140
characters at a time. Using new Twitter Cards, we were able to inject photos and gifs directly into every
tweet, showing off the beautiful set and sexy characters.

So fans never missed a part of the story, arranged tweets by scene in real time. Visitors
could read sequentially and retweet directly. Behind the scene content tweeted by cast and crew
appeared alongside fan tweets, capturing the dialogue around each part of the story for a completely
immersive experience.

Every script tweet was immediately retweeted, and soon every media outlet joined in. In the end, we
immersed people in the storyline of the show like never before. Mob City Twitter Script reached over
42 million peopleā€¦ all before Mob City even aired.